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Data Science CoE

The world that we know now has come a long way in the last decade. There has been a multitude of fundamental differences in the way organizations function, and the use of data to lead organizational strategies lies at the heart of that transformation. The latest advancements in the realm of data science has led to a vacuum of professionals with in depth knowledge of the four pillars of data science : Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and most importantly, domain knowledge. This is where we at ZoftSolutions have something to offer. Our analytics team has the proven ability to help organizations in addressing their business problems and delivering end to end solutions using data. Our team is adept at architecting data pipelines based on the volume and variety of data ingestion, be it using big data solutions or using traditional solutions. We have the skilled professionals with the statistical know-how for analyzing data and transforming business problems to statistical data models and optimization functions for solving using machine learning.

Data Governance

Introduction: Like financial auditing ensures correct management of Financial Assets ; Data Governance ensures effective management of data assets...


Machine Learning

Using Advanced statistics and computing power, we help you identify previously unknown relationships between your data. We provide end to end business...


Data Cleansing

As a business grows and matures, the size, number, formats, and types of its data assets change along with it. At ZoftSolutions, our aim is to improve...