Ride On Mobility Engine Application Platform for Enterprise Mobility


About ROME

ROME Platform is created in SOA architecture; which makes it easy to sit in between most of the systems within an enterprise. Besides ensuring integrity and extra security through role based access, it also provides more efficiency and reduced maintenance cost.

How ROME Approach helps ?

Instant Messaging

Empower the enterprise with a collaborative instant messaging channel that facilitates one to one and group messaging . Seamless communication for efficient workflow.

Real-Time Engagement within Teams

Facilitating the enterprise with the capacity of real-time information sharing and instant acknowledgement within teams through "Likes" or Chat Bots besides encouraging discussions within the system .

Voice typing

Enable the power of voice-recognition using voice user interfaces for comfortable & timely sharing of meeting minutes and quick discussions.

Custom Built Enterprise Dashboards

Powers enterprises with smart dashboards that enables a detailed view of the KPI's across the system. Weekly and Monthly Engagement statistics dashboard for Leadership team to monitor team level engagements and communication.

Central Administration Console

Centrally administered Web based console that enables creation & structuring of organizational heirarchy using a dynamically adaptable console . Besides regulating and validating privileges and accesses, it also makes it easy to deploy and distribute new updations.

How Rome Works