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Contributions and Pension Management System


Large enterprises demand solutions that can cater the day to day needs, which can also reduce operation cost and provide better insight in making smarter decisions. Clients across the globe use our fully integrated solution with functionality for administering contributions and pensions for employees and unmatched flexibility to grow and lower operating costs.


Problem Statement

  • Need to setup a contribution and pension management system which can communicate with all available IT systems to make it efficient and accurate
  • Need of a self service, complaints & requests module to improve the employee/pensioner user experience
  • Need to setup business workflows to improve the operational efficiency of the organization

Solution Area

  • Registration Module
  • Contributions Module
  • Pension and Benefits Module
  • E-Services
  • Complaints and Requests
  • MIS and Dashboards
  • Integration with External systems
  • Data Sync from Legacy Systems

Result & Value Adds

  • Eliminated the tedious manual efforts involved in managing employee contributions
  • Drastically improved the processing time of various requests by enforcing workflows and notifications
  • Complaints and requests are resolved without having the hassle of multiple visits to the department
  • Integrated with civil service system of government to ensure pension distribution to eligible dependents