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Mobile App for Registration & Communication of a Marathon Event


An international Service Club wanted to organize a Marathon as a charity event to raise funds for a particular old age home. The event was open to public and registration was possible through the website and mobile apps available in Play store and App store.

Problem Statement

  • Manual paper work to register participants
  • Participants had to visit registered venue to register themselves
  • No digital database of previous year participants to engage them in upcoming years
  • Lack of a dedicated platform to communicate with registered participants
  • No analytical reports for insights and decision making

Solution Area

  • Registrations
  • Payment Gateway
  • Event Notifications
  • Route Map
  • Feedback and Survey

Result & Value Adds

  • The dedicated mobile app was more convenient than a website for registration and making payments
  • Participants received notifications and updates from organizers regarding the event
  • The organizers were able to send personalized messages to the participants
  • The participants were able to actively involve in post event feedback