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Radiation Dosage Management for Cancer Patients


One of the leading Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in India was manually calculating the radiation dosage for all their patients. This calculation varied from patient to patient based on their treatment history, stage, age and various other factors. They were able to address only few patients in a day and chances of human-error in manual calculation were very high. The organization approached us to automate these calculations in a web application.

Problem Statement

  • Difficulty in calculating the radiation dosage based on machine parameters updated in excel sheet
  • Complexity in adjusting the dosage based on gaps in scheduled radiation course
  • Operational Efficiency is affected due to manual calculations. Patient throughput is very low

Solution Area

  • Treatment Scheduling
  • Dosage Calculation
  • Gap Correction
  • Integration with radiation machine to fetch machine parameters

Result & Value Adds

  • Adaptable to any radiation machine used across the globe
  • Accurate calculation of radiation dosage considering all parameters including gaps in treatments
  • Improvement in patient throughput
  • Provides instant access to patient's treatment history