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Solar Installation and Service Management


Organizations that accomplish their project with the help of different units, agencies and government departments often do not have an automated system to support and track their activities. A major share of their time and effort goes for checking files and documents to ensure that reports are submitted to concerned sections of government departments on time and whether all required formalities are done during each stage of their activities.

Problem Statement

  • Challenges in manual customer application tracking and installation status
  • A major share of time and effort goes for checking files and paper documents to ensure the follow-ups of the tasks involved.
  • Incomplete scheduled services because of manual maintenance of service records

Solution Area

  • Application Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Product Management
  • Installation Management
  • Service Management
  • MIS Reports

Result & Value Adds

  • Tremendous improvement in sales as the prospective customer data is readily available in the system
  • Diminution in data redundancy as each customer is uniquely identified by registered mobile number
  • Ability of the system to scale to accommodate any number of schemes
  • Meticulous application tracking is possible with the availability of statuses at fingertips