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Web based ERP System for a Placement and Migration


Companies that provide immigrations services often handle their operational housekeeping activates in register book, excel files and other conventional storage systems which normally consumes a lot of manual effort in searching, verifying and following up enquiries. Even a telephone enquiry to check the process status might take a considerable amount of time which reduces the operational efficiency of work force. Absence of electronic records often results in assigning migration options that are not applicable to candidates that again requires re-registration and re-verification for the next option thereby delaying the process.

Problem Statement

  • Enquiries are captured in registers making it difficult to check status and do follow ups
  • Eligibility and program based lookups take lots of time as the criteria for different countries are stored in separate journals
  • Timely follow up of enquiries and communication logs are not maintained

Solution Area

  • Enquiry Management
  • Assessment and Registration
  • Accounts
  • Admission
  • Visa Processing
  • Employer & Educational Institution Management
  • Eligibility Based search
  • Program Based search
  • Task Management
  • Agents & Commission Management

Result & Value Adds

  • Efficiency of workforce increased and enquiries are addressed in fewer timelines
  • Imrpoved the accuracy of program mapping with the help of search mechanism that shows eligibility/qualification based program options
  • Significantly reduced the time for sorting out document verification issues with the help of automated email triggers
  • Follow up on enquiries became prompt
  • Automated workflow for all business processes
  • Improved customer relationship since all services and complaints are attended on time with the help of timely alerts and notifications
  • Simple and easy to use interfaces that generates MIS reports with logical segregations