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Developing a Loyalty app for the Customers of an Enterprise


The client only had a website for the service they provided. Users these days are more dependent on their smart phones for internet browsing and find it difficult using such a service through a website. Client decided to have a dedicated app for both android and iPhone users.

Problem Statement

  • Many retailers do not track or maintain records of their customers
  • Customers are not aware of their new offers and services
  • Customers were not able to keep a track to their reward points

Solution Area

  • Registration
  • Member management and engagement
  • Accruals and Redemptions
  • Communication
  • Social Connectors

Result & Value Adds

  • The customer was now able to keep a track of accruals and their redemption.
  • Authentication was provided for security
  • Users were able to keep a track of transaction history
  • Active users were able to receive gift cards from outlets