Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the biggest buzzwords of recent times. It is a buzzword not just in the realm of technology, but it has the potential to completely revolutionize the world, which is why advancements in AI is termed as the biggest event since Industrial Revolution with the potential to fundamentally change the life of humans. We at ZoftSolutions are heavily invested in the AI space, with our focus on developing AI solutions which improve the functioning of businesses. Our team has proven experience in developing Chatbots which use natural language processing to converse with customers, identify problems and provide solutions in a completely automated and self-learning manner. We have experience in developing bots which provide product recommendations by learning from vast variety of data sources.

Our Approch

Step 1

Outline the Strategic Goals, Define SOW with Low-Level Complexity and Plan the Development

Step 2

Dataset Preparation and Pre-Processing

Step 3

Splitting Data to Training, Test, and Validation sets and do the Modelling

Step 4

Deploying the Prototype Model.

Package Deliverables


Package Goal

Showcase potential possibilities of reducing/replacing human intervention


90 Days