Data Governance

Like financial auditing ensures the correct management of Financial Assets; Data Governance ensures effective management of data assets by enforcing rules of engagement, decision rights, and accountabilities.

Our Approch

Step 1


Step 2

Identifying a Mutually Exclusive Area as Per the Client’s interest.

Step 3

Define the Process to be Put in Place

  • Prepare the plan for organizational Design required, which includes identifying the data custodian, plan for the implementation mechanism, and if there is a possibility to create a report for the chief data operator.
  • Implementation of that using a software tool like Collibra or by putting in controls within the existing applications.

Package Deliverables

A process plan, An organizational Design plan & Implementation plan.

Package Goal

Ensure the quality and accessibility of the right data to all the Business Users by providing an enterprise-wide data governance solution.


6 -8 weeks